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1. A customer reports connectivity problems to an ISP technician. Upon questioning the customer, the technician discovers that all network applications are functioning except for FTP. What should the technician suspect is the problem?
*misconfigured firewall
bad port on switch or hub
misconfigured IP addressing on the customer's workstation
wrong DNS server configured on the customer's workstation
wrong default gateway configured on the customer's workstation

2. Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements describe the data conversation shown? (Choose two.)
*The data conversation was started by the HTTP application process running on the client.
The data conversation is identified by TCP port 80 on the client.
The user started the data conversation by sending an e-mail.
The IP address of the Internet server is
*The Internet server will send data to port 8547 on the client.

3. How do port filtering and access lists help provide network security?
*They prevent specified types of traffic from reaching specified network destinations.
They alert network administrators to various type of denial of service attacks as they occur.
They prevent viruses, worms, and Trojans from infecting host computers and servers.
They enable encryption and authentication of confidential data communications.

4. A hacker attempts to reach confidential information that is stored on a server inside the corporate network. A network security solution inspects the entire packet, determines that it is a threat, and blocks the packet from entering the inside network. Which security measure protected the network?
an IDS
*an IPS
a host-based firewall
Anti-X software

5. Which type of address is
host address
network address
*broadcast address
multicast address

6. An organization has 50 traveling salespersons who must be able to connect to the company network from client sites and hotels. Which WAN connection will allow this access?
Frame Relay

7. From which router was this command executed?

8. A ping issued from PC3 is successful to RTB. However, echo request packets arrive at PC1 but the echo replies do not make it back to PC3. What will fix this problem?
RTA must be configured to forward packets to the network.
*The ip route command needs to be edited so that the next hop address is
The ip route command needs to be edited so that the address is the next hop address.
The ip route command should be removed from the RTB router configuration.
Another default route should be configured on RTA with a next hop address of

9. Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet mask would accommodate the number of hosts indicated for all subnets if the major network address was

10. Which routing protocol facilitates the exchange of routing information between different autonomous systems?

11. Which statement is correct about passive data connections in the FTP protocol?
The server initiates the data transfer connection.
*The server forwards its IP address and a random port number to the FTP client through the control stream.
The firewalls do not permit passive data connections to hosts that are located within the network.
The client forwards data to port 21 of the server.

12. Which statement is true about the reverse lookup DNS zone?
It is most commonly experienced when users are surfing the Internet.
It is the backup for the forward lookup zone.
It dynamically updates the resource records.
*It resolves an IP address to a fully qualified domain name.

13. Which two statements are correct about the DNS hierarchy? (Choose two.)
The root server maintains records for all servers in the Internet.
*DNS relies on the hierarchy of decentralized servers to maintain records.
All DNS servers manage databases that store name-to-IP mappings for the entire DNS structure.
The process of name resolution starts from the server at the top of the DNS hierarchy.
*The root servers maintain records about how to reach top-level domain servers.

14. Which statement is correct about the proxy support that is offered by the HTTP protocol?
It allows clients to make direct network connections to other network services.
*It filters unsuitable web content.
It reduces the speed of the network.
It encrypts the data that is being transmitted.

15. Which routes are automatically added to the routing table on a neighbor router when routing protocols exchange information about directly connected networks?
*dynamic routes
static routes
default routes
directly connected routes

16. Which combination of network address and subnet mask allows 62 hosts to be connected in a single subnet?
Network address Subnet mask
Network address Subnet mask
*Network address Subnet mask
Network address Subnet mask

17. Refer to the exhibit. There is no routing protocol configured on either router. Which command will create a default route on R1 to forward the traffic to R2?
R1(config)# ip route
*R1(config)# ip route
R1(config)# ip route
R1(config)# ip route S0/0/1

18. Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?
*It is automatically updated and maintained by routing protocols.
It is unaffected by changes in the topology of the network.
It has an administrative distance of 1.
It is identified by the prefix C in the routing table.

19. What is a characteristic of UDP?
It is a reliable transport protocol.
It requires the source host to resend packets that are not acknowledged.
*It adds a minimal amount of overhead to the data to be transmitted.
It is a connection-oriented protocol.

20. What can cause a problem at the data link layer?
a faulty network cable
a firewall that is blocking all HTTP traffic
*incorrectly configured device drivers
incorrectly configured subnet masks

21. Which cable type is used to interconnect the FastEthernet interfaces of two routers?

22. Which two statements are correct about the UDP protocol? (Choose two.)
It utilizes a flow control mechanism.
It uses windowing.
*It does not provide acknowledgment of receipt of data.
*It is a connectionless protocol.
It guarantees the sequential arrival of data packets.

23. Which type of WAN connection uses a circuit-switched network?
Frame Relay

24. What could be the reason for this problem?
The subnet mask is incorrectly configured on both routers.
A static route is not configured on both routers.
*Different encapsulations are configured on the two routers.
The clock rate is not set on any of the router serial interfaces.

25. What is the purpose of using the copy tftp flash command on a router?
to back up the current IOS image to a server
*to restore the IOS image from a server
to back up the router configuration to a server
to restore the router configuration from flash

26. Which statement correctly describes the function of AAA?
*It prevents unauthorized access to a network.
It filters traffic based on destination IP and port number.
It enables users to send information to a daemon that is running on a management station.
It encrypts data to provide network security.

27. Which statement correctly describes the importance of an SLA?
It outlines the range of services received by the ISP.
It outlines the process to resolve planned incidents.
*It outlines the management, monitoring, and maintenance of a network.
It outlines the termination costs according to the budget cycle of the customer.

28. A user is able to ping IP addresses but is unable to ping hosts by domain name. What should be checked at the workstation of the user?
the device driver configuration of NIC
the LED status of the NIC
*the DNS configuration
the firewall settings

29. A user is unable to connect to the Internet. The network administrator decides to use the top-down troubleshooting approach. Which action should the administrator perform first?
Run the tracert command to identify the faulty device.
Check the patch cable connection from the PC to the wall.
*Enter an IP address in the address bar of the web browser to determine if DNS has failed.
Run the ipconfig command to verify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway on the PC.

30. What is a characteristic of the EIGRP routing protocol?
It has a hop count limitation that makes it suitable only for small, simple networks that consist of fewer than 15 hops.
It does not include subnet mask information in routing updates.
*It builds the topology table based on all of the advertisements from its neighbors.
It maintains a full database of distant routers and the methods by which they interconnect.

31. A network is spread across two buildings that are separated by a distance of 500 feet (152 meters). An electrical transformer is installed near the cable route. Which type of cable should be used in this network?

32. Refer to the exhibit. Which cable path segments require the use of crossover cables?
A, D, F
B, C, E
*B, D, E
A, C, F

33. Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has been configured with the commands that are displayed. Which password will be used to access the EXEC privileged mode of the router?

34. Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to ping R1. Which two configuration steps should be performed on R1 to solve this problem? (Choose two.)
Configure the appropriate line password to access the router.
Configure the speed of the interface.
*Enable the interface administratively.
Configure a dynamic routing protocol on the router.
*Configure the subnet mask on the router correctly.

35. Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to ping host B. What can be done to solve this problem? (Choose two.)
Configure a default route on R1 with the use of exit interface Fa0/0.
Configure a default route on R2 by using the exit interface Fa0/0.
Configure a static route on R1 with as the next hop address.
*Configure a static route for network on R2 and use exit interface S0/0/0.
*Configure a static route for network on R1 with the next hop address as the IP address of the serial interface of R2.

36. What are two reasons for issuing the show ip route command on a router? (Choose two.)
It displays the routing activity in real time.
It displays the length of time until the next routing update.
*It displays the directly connected networks.
It displays all of the routing protocols that are configured on the neighboring routers.
*It displays the routing protocol that is receiving updates from the neighboring routers.

37. When a router learns two paths to the same destination network, which two factors determine the path that will be included in the routing table? (Choose two.)
*route metric
the MAC address of the neighboring router
the source IP address in data packets
the IP address of the next hop router
*administrative distance

38.Refer to the exhibit. A network technician issues the tracert command successfully on host A. What are two consequences of running this command? (Choose two.)
The traceroute packet is broadcast to the network.
The command output will display the IP address of both the inbound and outbound router interfaces that the packet passes through.
*The command output will display all routers through which the packet has passed.
All successful hops between host A and host B will reply to the echo request with a proxy ICMP response.
*The command will calculate the time between when the packet is sent and when a reply is received from a router.

39. A host has been properly cabled and configured with a unique hostname and valid IP address. Which two additional components should be configured to enable the host to access remote resources? (Choose two.)
*the subnet mask
the MAC address
*the default gateway
the loopback IP address
the DHCP server IP address

40. Refer to the exhibit. What two addresses are the broadcast addresses for network A and network B? (Choose two.)
Network A broadcast address
*Network A broadcast address
Network A broadcast address
*Network B broadcast address
Network B broadcast address
Network B broadcast address

41. A network administrator has designed a Class B network with a mask. Which two statements are true for this network? (Choose two.)
*There are 128 subnets.
There are 256 subnets.
There are 512 subnets.
There are 126 usable hosts per subnet.
There are 254 usable hosts per subnet.
*There are 510 usable hosts per subnet.

42. Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are configured with the commands that are displayed. All interfaces are properly configured, but neither router is receiving routing updates. What two things can be done to solve the problem? (Choose two.)
*Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
*Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network
Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network

43. Which two statements are correct about the ICMP packet that is used by the ping command? (Choose two.)
It guarantees datagram delivery.
*It verifies Layer 3 connectivity.
It acknowledges the receipt of TCP segments.
It determines where a packet is lost on the path from the source to the destination.
*It measures the time that elapses between when the request packet is sent and the response packet is received.

44. What is the effect of issuing the banner login #Unauthorized login prohibited# command on a router?
*It will display the message "Unauthorized login prohibited" before the router prompts for a user name.
It replaces the banner motd command.
It causes the router to prompt for login credentials for any user who is attempting to connect to the router.
It causes the message "Unauthorized access prohibited" to display when a HyperTerminal connection is idle.

45. Refer to the exhibit. What fact can be determined from the exhibited output?
PPP is enabled on this router.
The bandwidth setting of the interfaces is consistent with a T1 connection.
The serial0/0/0 interface is administratively down.
*The default encapsulation is set for the serial0/0/0 interface.
Subnet mask has been configured for the serial0/0/0 interface.

46. In order to load an initial configuration on a new switch, a network administrator has connected a laptop to the switch via the use of a console cable. About a minute after the network administrator powers on the switch, the SYST LED on the front of the switch changes from blinking green to amber. What does this indicate?
The network administrator has made an improper physical connection to the switch.
The switch is ready to have a configuration file loaded.
A port on the switch is bad.
*The switch failed POST.

47. What occurs during a static NAT translation?
Multiple local addresses are mapped to one global address.
The host device is configured with a permanent outside global address.
*A one-to-one mapping is created between an inside local and outside global address.
The router is forced to return the inside global address to the address pool when a session ends.

48. Refer to the exhibit. What is used to exchange routing information between routers within each AS?
static routing
*IGP routing protocols
EGP routing protocols
default routing

49. Why do the static routes fail to appear in the routing table?
The default route has not been configured on the routers.
A dynamic routing protocol has not been configured.
*The router interfaces are administratively down.
The serial interfaces must be configured with an address in the network.

50. Refer to the exhibit. While configuring the serial interface of a router, the network administrator sees the highlighted error message. What is the reason for this?
The serial interface is administratively down.
The serial interface is already configured with an IP address.
*The network administrator has attempted to configure the serial interface with a broadcast address.
The same IP address has been configured on another interface.

51. Refer to the exhibit. R2 is connected to the Serial0/0/1 interface of R1 and is properly configured to share routing updates with R1. Which network will R2 exclude from installing in its routing table?
R [120/2] via, 00:00:10, Serial0/0/1
R [120/1] via, 00:00:10, Serial0/0/1
*R [120/15] via, 00:00:10, Serial0/0/0
R [120/2] via, 00:00:10, Serial0/0/0

52. How does an SNMP trap aid network monitoring and management?
It reports to the management station by responding to polls.
It collects information for the management station by using polling devices.
*It sends an alert message to the management station when a threshold is reached.
It flags attempts to begin a DoS attack on the network.

53. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true based on the exhibited information?
The router is using a link-state routing protocol.
*The router will get routing updates on the FastEthernet0/0 interface.
The router will not forward routing updates from the Serial0/0/0 interface.
The network for Fa0/1 will be included in the routing updates that are sent from this router.

54. Different hosts connect to the same switch port at different times. If the switch port is configured with dynamic port security, how does it process the MAC addresses?
The addresses are manually assigned with the use of the switchport command.
*The addresses are dynamically learned and stored in the address table.
The addresses are dynamically configured and saved in the running configuration.
The addresses are stored in the address table and added to the running configuration.

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